Wizards are scions of arcane magic. Wizards tap the true power that permeates the cosmos, research esoteric rituals that can alter time and space, and hurl balls of fire that incinerate massed foes. Wizards wield spells the way warriors brandish swords.

Magic lured you into its grasp, and now you seek to master it in turn. You could be a bespectacled sage searching for dusty tomes in forgotten sepulchers, a scarred war mage plying foes with fireballs and foul language in equal measure, a disgruntled apprentice who absconded with your master’s spellbooks, an eladrin upholding the magical tradition of your race, or even a power-hungry student of magic who might do anything to learn a new spell.

A cloak of spells enfolds you, ancient rituals bolster your senses, and runed implements of your craft hang from your belt. Effervescing arcane lore pulses through your consciousness, a constant pressure craving release.

When will you know enough magic to storm the ramparts of reality itself?


Characteristics: Your powers are all about affecting multiple targets at the same time—sometimes two or three foes, sometimes everyone in a room. In addition, you are the master of utility spells that let you avoid or overcome many obstacles, from flying across chasms to halting the flow of time.
Religion: Wizards favor deities of magic, art, knowledge, and secrets, such as Corellon, Ioun, and Vecna.
Races: Eladrin, Humans, and Half-Elves esteem and excel at the practice of arcane magic.


You can build your wizard however you choose, indeed, Wizards are incredibly versatile, but their spells fall into 4 main cataegories:

  • Illsuions
  • Summoning
  • Control
  • Damaging