As mountains stand fast against the buffeting wind and trees bend but do not break in the storm, wardens are stalwart protectors who draw on the primal spirits of nature to defend the natural world from those who would corrupt or destroy it.

Some wardens use the power of earth and stone to shield their allies from harm, whereas others summon the primal strength within themselves to increase their ferocity and tenacity.

As a warden, you might be the staunch defender of a tribe, chosen by the spirits to be your people’s champion. Perhaps you were visited by spirits at a sacred grove and charged with protecting it against a spreading corruption. You might have been raised by a bear or nurtured by dryads, chosen from infancy to stand fast against nature’s enemies. Primal power waits in the ground beneath your feet, surges with every beat of your heart, and flows through your lungs with every breath.

The world cries out to you, calling for a champion to defend it. Will you heed its call?


Characteristics:  Boasting more hit points than most other characters of your level, you sometimes stand up to your foes by staunchly taking whatever punishment they throw at you. Thanks to the primal power coursing through you, you can throw it right back at them, manipulating the earth around you or altering your own form to hinder and punish your foes.
Religion: Like other primal classes, wardens generally disdain worship of the gods, which they view as interlopers in the natural world. Instead, they live in harmony with the spirits of beasts, trees, and stone that infuse the world. Some wardens, though, acknowledge some gods as peaceful partners of the primal spirits and look kindly upon such deities as Melora, Corellon, Kord, Moradin, and Pelor.
Races: Humans, Dwarves, Dragonborn, and Elves are also commonly wardens.


You can build your warden however you choose, but the two main ways their power manifests are:

  • Earthstrength – these wardens draw primal power through a link with the land, and the power of the earth strengthens and sustains them.
  • Wildblood – the blood of these wardens is a medium of primal power; nature’s vigor pulses in their veins.