The sorcerer is the arcane antithesis of the wizard. Wielding raw, barely contained magical power, sorcerers channel bursts and blasts of arcane energy through their bodies. They gain their power not through rigorous study of esoteric tomes, but by harnessing magic in their blood, waiting to be tapped and shaped. If wizards wield magic as fighters wield swords, a sorcerer’s magic is the arcing greataxe of a raging barbarian.

You might be a proud Dragonborn scion of ancient Arkhosia, calling on the Draconic power of your heritage, or perhaps you were bathed in dragon blood as an infant to fill you with that power. You might have been born in a place where planar forces converged in strange eddies, infusing you with chaos, or perhaps you survived implantation of a Slaad embryo, which left the taint of chaos upon you. You might have been born amidst a magical storm or under a particular alignment of the planets. 

Magic pulses through your veins, calling on you to give it expression. As it grows ever stronger, will it consume you or transform you into magic incarnate?


Characteristics:  As an arcane striker, you have a resemblance to the warlock. However, more of your powers create bursts or blasts of elemental forces to damage multiple foes, and your magic is the result of powerful arcane forces in your blood rather than the result of pacts you have made with mysterious entities.
Religion: If the diverse lot of sorcerers has one quality in common, it’s a high opinion of themselves. Many sorcerers dream of becoming gods one day, and the majority find it hard to supplicate any being more powerful than themselves. That said, dragon sorcerers often nod to Bahamut or Tiamat, and some chaos sorcerers acknowledge Avandra, Corellon, and Sehanine for their inclinations toward wild magic.
Races: Dragonborn are the iconic dragon sorcerers, giving arcane expression to the Draconic blood that flows in their veins. Half-Elves are also often dragon sorcerers. Halflings and Drow make excellent chaos sorcerers. Halflings and Tieflings are often sorcerers as well.


You can build your sorcerer however you choose, indeed, sorcerers are incredibly versatile, but the four main ways their power manifests are:

  • Dragon Magic – these sorcerers have some degree of draconic heritage and command the ancient arcane power that flows through dragons.
  • Wild Magic - these sorcerers tap into the raw arcane power of chaos and much like their spells can be reckless and hard to control.
  • Storm Magic – the raw and unbridled fury of the storm powers the magic of these sorcerers.
  • Cosmic Magic – just as the constellations move around the sky in a steady, imperturbable cadence, their spells are strong and unshakable, and tied to energies that can outlast all others