Shamans are inspiring and dangerous battle leaders. They command powerful spirit guides, and through them lead their allies. These nature spirits bolster their allies’ attacks and offer protection and healing when needed.

In a rite of passage or initiation, you pledged yourself to the spirits, to be their voice and hands in the world. Through ancient song and sacred ceremony, you have called a powerful spirit companion to your side. The primal spirits of nature affirm your will, guide the actions of your allies, and deal mighty attacks against your foes. You might be a venerable advisor to a tribal leader, a young traveler seeking to bring tales of a wider world back to your people, or a scholar devoted to the pursuit of nearly forgotten lore.

The spirits and voices of nature guide your every step. Their power flows through you, calling you to lead, to fight, and to triumph.


Characteristics: You lead your adventuring party from a position of relative safety, sending your spirit companion to the front of the battle while you linger behind. Your powers fall into two broad categories: melee attacks your spirit companion makes, and ranged attacks. Your daily powers include a number of conjurations and zones, representing your ability to call on additional spirits for aid. 
Religion: Shamans draw their power from the primal power source and therefore don’t usually worship gods. They view themselves as agents—not servants or masters—of the spirits of nature and instruct others how to live their lives in harmony with those spirits. Like druids, shamans call on the spirits to witness significant events but don’t worship them.
Races: Elves,and Humans  are the most common shamans, putting their high Wisdom and innate connection to nature to good use in this class. Dwarves make excellent bear shamans.


You can build your shaman however you choose, but there are 2 archetypal spirits that shaman can work with:

  • Protector Spirits often take the form of bears, boars or other sturdy animals, they help you to aid and defend your allies.
  • Stalker Spirits often take the form of panthers, wolves or other stalking predators, they help you to empower and position your allies.