Locations in Overden

Locations in Overden 

Overden is divided into two districts by a steep bluff that cuts across the town.
The area north of the bluff is known locally as Hightown. This district survived the city’s fall in relatively good shape, and it was the first area resettled.
To the south of the bluff lies Lowtown, which tends to be newer and poorer. In the event of a serious threat, people retreat up to Hightown—the bluff and the town walls completely ring this part of Overden, making it highly defensible.

1. Tower of Waiting

This old fortification was built on a small island in the Nentir to guard the city from any waterborne attack from the north. It fell into ruin even before the sack of the old city, and now is little more than an empty shell overrun by mice and birds.

2. Upper Quays

Boats proceeding down the Silverflow River must stop here and offload their cargo, which is then portaged through the town to the Lower Quays and loaded onto boats below the falls. Likewise, cargo heading in the other direction is carried up to these quays and loaded aboard boats bound upstream.
A surly dwarf pugilist named Bartimus Strongbeard runs the Porters’ Guild, and he takes a cut of any wages paid to laborers carrying cargo up or down around the falls. Bartimus and his thugs are trying to extend their reach by intimidating merchants who send their goods overland and forcing them to hire guild porters for any cargo handling in town.

3. Duskstone Bridge

Dwarf artisans from the citadel of Khazurdelve built a fine stone bridge over the Silverflow two hundred years ago. 
A small toll house guards the western side of the bridge. Five Mikkelvarg guards under the command of Sergeant Scarisbrick watch this post. They collect a toll of 1 copper per head (and 1 silver per mount) making use of the bridge in either direction. Scarisbrick is a gruff woman who has been known to turn a blind eye to odd cargo moving over the bridge when paid to do so.
The river current begins to pick up on the south side of the bridge. Boats (or swimmers) venturing far from the banks are in danger of being carried over the falls.

4. Mikkelvarg Manse

The ruined manor of the Mikkelvarg family is one of the few buildings on the western bank of the Silverflow.
The manor was once grand, and made of sturdy stone, but has mostly been left abandoned since the Bloodspear wars. Various members of the family have thought about re-occupying the manse, but in the end they have all found Moonstone keep comfortable enough.
Despite the poor condition of the main building the grounds are still kept in fairly good condition by the Mikkelvarg's Head Garderner and Alchemist-in-Chief  William Carbide. 

5. Winter's Gate

Overden's northern city gate is known as Winter's Gate, and the Lord Warden’s riders normally come and go from the city by this road. The gate consists of strong outer doors of iron-reinforced timber and an inner portcullis between a pair of small stone towers. The portcullis is normally lowered at sunset, and the gates close only in times of danger.
The gatehouse barracks accommodates five Mikkelvarg guards plus Sergeant Tadcaster, who commands this gate. He is a stiff-necked fussbudget who rigorously enforces all rules; the guards stationed here can’t stand their sergeant.

6. The Pleasant Pixie

For many years, The Pleasant Pixie  has billed itself as “the Pride of Overden,” charging high rates for its attentive service and well-appointed rooms. The owner is a fussy Halfling matriach, Wisteria Proudbonnet.
A room in the Silver Unicorn costs 2 gp per night.


8. Moonstone Keep

The seat of Lord Warden Vilkas Mikkelvarg, Moonstone Keep is an old castle that sits atop a steep-sided hill overlooking the town. The outer bailey includes barracks housing up to sixty Mikkelvarg guards. At any given time about twenty or so are off-duty.
Other buildings in the courtyard include a stable, an armory, a chapel, a smithy, and several storehouses. The keep is the large D-shaped building at the north end of the castle.
Vilkas Mikkelvarg is a lean, middle-aged human with a keen mind and a dry wit. He is a busy man who hunts often and oversees sees to many local matters personally, so adventurers calling on him are likely to wait a long time for a short interview. However, he is eager for news of other towns  and never turns away someone who brings him news or waits to see him.
Lord Markelhay’s wife is Lady Serigala Mikkelvarg . She is a cool and reserved woman of similar age to her husband. A student of the arcane arts, she uses her powers to advise her husband. They have four children; the eldest, Otso, is currently away in the south, living in the court of another ruler.

9. The Wolfcopse

Along the southern slopes of Moonstone Hill grows a large thicket that has never been entirely cleared. Locals say that within its tangled paths lies the old castle cemetery (now heavily overgrown), as well as a mound dating back to before the town.

10. Lodge of the Faded Sun

When Overden was a larger city, it supported several good-sized temples located in the Hightown districts. With the town’s depopulation, several of these were abandoned, including the House of the Sun, a temple dedicated to Pelor. The place also includes shrines to Kord and Bahamut.
Recently, a zealous Dwarf priest of Pelor named Grian Etsaul  came to Overden  from Khazurdelve and reestablished this old temple. Grian is loud and opinionated, a real fire-breather who goes on and on about smiting evil wherever it might lurk.



12. The Cascade 

Here the Silverflow River descends nearly 200 feet in three striking shelf-like drops. On the small island in the middle of the falls stands the statue of an ancient human hero named Tibor, holding up his hand as if to challenge enemies approaching from downriver. Local legend tells that Tibor slew a dragon whose lair was hidden in caverns beneath the falls.

13. Temple of Erathis

This large, impressive stone temple is finished with Overden's native marble. Its chapel is a large rotunda with a 30-foot-tall dome. The temple of Erathis is the largest and most influential temple in town. The place also includes shrines to Ioun and Moradin.
High Priestess Hira Gradbrow oversees two lesser priests and several acolytes—townsfolk who spend part of their day tending the temple. Hira is a woman of about sixty who is convinced of the superiority of Erathis’s dogma, and disappointed that more people in Overden don’t pay proper reverence to “our town's patron god.”
She is familiar with several divination and restoration rituals and can aid adventurers with ritual magic at need—for an appropriate gift to Erathis, of course. 

14. The Bluffs

Overden is divided in half by a great cliff snaking northwest to southeast across the town. The bluffs average 150 to 250 feet in height. They are not strictly vertical, but are too tall and steep to be easily climbed.

15. The Caves 

The limestone bluffs between Hightown and Lowtown hold a number of caves, which the folk of Overden have used as burial crypts for centuries. As caves fill up, they are walled off and forgotten about. Naturally, stories abound in town about treasure hoards hidden away in the crypts, and the restless creatures that guard them

16. Moonsong Temple

The third of Overden's temples is devoted to Sehanine. It also includes shrines to Corellon, Melora, and Avandra. The Mikkelvargs regard Sehanine as their special patron, and over the years they have given generously to the temple. The temple occupies a commanding position atop the bluffs, and its white minarets can be seen from any corner of Lowtown.
The leader of the temple is High Priest Alder Starlight, a wise and compassionate Elf who finished adventuring decades ago and retired to a contemplative life. He is a musician of great skill who happily tutors the local children, even those who are poor and can’t afford to pay for their lessons.

17. Overden Stables

Harry Thistleton owns this business, providing travelers with tack, harness, stabling, shoeing, wagons, and just about anything dealing with horses, mules, or ponies.
He keeps a larger corral about a mile outside of town, and at any given time Harry has several riding horses, draft horses, or mules in his paddock near the Dawn Gate.
The man is an excellent source of rumors, since he sees the travelers coming or going by the roads. He is a friendly fellow of about forty, with a large brood of children at his home out in the countryside.

18. Dawn Gate

Overden's eastern town  gate is known as the Dawn Gate, because travelers leaving from it journey into the dawn. The road to the east travels a few miles into the surrounding hills, linking a number of outlying farms and homesteads with the town.
The gate resembles the Winter Gate in construction, and is similarly watched by a detachment of five guards and a sergeant. The leader of this detachment is Sergeant Mudgar, a dwarf veteran who fought in the Bloodspear War and was present at the Battle of Scrifan , where Overden's army was defeated. A friendly drink goes a long way toward loosening Mudgar's tongue about that long-ago war. 



21. Moonwash Falls

A small, swift stream known as the Moonwash flows through Overden to meet the Silverflow River.
The stream is rarely more than 20 feet wide or 5 feet deep. The town’s children love to play in the pool at the base of the falls in the summertime.

22. Green Mage's Tower

This lonely structure is a tall, seven-sided spire of pale green stone that doesn’t match anything else in the town. In the days before the Bloodspear War, this was the seat of Overden's  Mages’ Guild— an order of a dozen or so wizards and arcane scholars.
Defensive enchantments prevented the orcs from sacking the tower, but the guild’s members died fighting for the city or fled to safer lands.
The tower is now the property of Addelot the Green, an elderly wizard who was once apprenticed to the last of the old guild mages. Addelot considers himself the “High Magus of Overden” and master of the guild, whose membership now includes only himself. Addelot expects any potential new guild members to pay a hefty initiation fee, and so far none of the few other arcanists living in or passing through Overden have seen reason to join. He can teach a limited number of rituals.

25. Summer Gate

Overden's southern gate was destroyed in an attack that devastated the city long ago, and it still has not been entirely rebuilt. One of the two paired towers is nothing but rubble, and several large gaps remain in the town walls south of the bluffs through which anyone could enter the city.
Despite its lack of functionality, the Summer Gate is still used as a guardpost by the Mikkelvarg guards.
Sergeant Adams is​​​​ in charge here; he is a tall, lanky man who doesn’t say much, answering questions with a grunt or a shake of the head.

26. The Market Green

The majority of Overden's folk live above the bluffs in Hightown and walk down to do business on the streets of Lowtown, which bustle with commerce. This wide square is an open, grassy meadow where Overden's merchants and visiting traders do business in good weather. The town’s children gather here for games of tag or kick-stones.


28. The Drunken Duck 

The Drunken Duck is widely regarded as the cheapest and coarsest of Overden's drinking establishments. It caters to the porters and laborers who work the nearby docks, and fist-fights are a nightly occurrence.
The owner of  The Drunken Duck  is a man named Kelson Musgrave

29. Lower Quays

Keelboats and similar craft put in here to unload their cargo and portage it up to other boats above the falls. As described above for the Upper Quays, the Porters’ Guild jealously defends its monopoly on moving cargo around the falls, and it frequently attempts to intimidate local merchants into paying for portage services—whether needed or not.
In addition to the Porters’ Guild, another gang of troublemakers lurks around the Lower Quays: the River Rats. These street toughs and thieves look out for the chance to pilfer from the warehouses or roll a drunk in a dark alleyway.
Boats belonging to a number of different travelers tie up here, the most common of which are the keelboats of the Halfling Swiftstream Clan.
The Swiftstreams carry cargo all the way down to the Silverflow's mouth, hundreds of miles down-river. They’re more than willing to take passengers for a small fee. Irene Swiftsteam is the matriarch of the clan. She is a sharp merchant who passes herself off as an absent-minded reader of fortunes and maker of minor charms.


Locations in Overden

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