At the dawn of time, the gods who inhabited the Astral Sea warred with the primordials of theElemental Chaos, the mighty beings who shaped theworld out of formless void.

The greatest of the gods’ mortal agents in that war were invokers, imbued with a fragment of the gods’ own might to fight alongside them. No other mortal servant of the gods can claim the same kind of power. Through rites of investiture, avengers, clerics, and paladins gain the ability to manifest echoes of that power, uttering careful prayers and channeling divine energy through their holy symbols. You, however, channel your god’s power directly. No mere symbol can contain it, for you speak the words of creation, shaping the universe to your and your god’s will.

Perhaps you were trained in a secret monastery, or you studied in a library where the universe’s oldest lore was preserved. Or perhaps you experienced the presence of your god firsthand and took a shard of divine power into yourself. You might even be an immortal born into flesh, slowly awakening to the awesome divine power that is your birthright.

Whatever your past, you are among the gods’ most trusted servants, bound to a covenant in which you swore to use divine power with great care. To what end will you wield that might?


Characteristics: Your powers are aimed at controlling your foes: slowing, stopping, or compelling their movement; weakening their attacks; or hedging them in zones of divine fire. You summon angelic beings to face your enemies, and you empower your allies to fight with divine fervor.
Religion: Like clerics, invokers can worship any deity, but few invokers serve gods who are newer arrivals to the pantheon, such as the Raven Queen and Vecna. Invokers dedicated to Bahamut often revere Tiamat as well, worshiping those two gods as the two halves of the slain dragon-god Io. More than most other divine characters, invokers offer prayers to and call on favors from the entire pantheon, for all the gods, whatever their alignments, fought together against the primordials.
Races: Dwarves make particularly good invokers with the Dwarven devotion to the gods lending itself to the invoker’s world view. Ancient and long-lived, Eladrin and Elves have a racial memory that keeps alive the legends of the first  wars between the gods and the primordials, and the two races often follow in the paths of the first invokers. Invokers can be found among all races, however.


You can build your invoker  however you choose, but there are 2 archetypal invoker combat styles:

  • Preservation Invoker have been charged to defend the faithful and to ally with those who seek to defeat the gods’ enemies.
  • Wrathful Invokers are sworn to seek out and destroy those that oppose the gods.