Secretive and enigmatic, druids call the wilderness their home. They are capable of running with a wolf pack, speaking with the most ancient trees, and watching thunderstorms from atop the clouds them- selves. They regard challenges as tests, both of their fitness and of their connection with the wild places of the world. And though many druids project an out-
ward calm, they have the cunning of the beast and the fury of the storm.

Whether you were born to the wilds or retreated from civilization, whether you chose your path or answered a call that whispered in your heart, you share a bond with the primal spirits of nature. You are neither their servant nor their master, but winds, trees, and beasts heed your words, for they recognize you as kin.

Call to the spirits, and they will entangle your foes or smite your enemies with the storm. Unleash your own spirit, and you will become the Primal Beast, uncaged and untamed.


Characteristics:  You combine a number of potent ranged and area powers with the ability to take beast form and bring the fight directly to your foes. Depending on the powers you choose, you can spend more combat time in beast form or more in your humanoid form.
Religion: Most druids do not worship the gods of the Astral Sea, instead orienting their lives and beliefs around the primal spirits of nature. It might be misleading to call their relationship with these spirits worship, but druids invoke the spirits in times of passage, implore them for aid, and appease them with offerings of burned food or spilled blood.
Races: Elves make excellent predator druids, combining native insight and attunement to nature with grace and agility. Dwarves excel as guardian druids; Human druids often follow that path as well.


You can build your druid however you choose, but there are 2 archetypal druid combat styles:

  • Guardian Druids –  Focus more on limiting enemy abilituies and supporting allies, both in their natural form and in Beast Form
  • Predator Druids  - Focus more on dealing damage than supporting allies, both in their natural form and in Beast Form