There are sixteen possible classes to choose from, each drawing their power from a particular source: , Arcane, Divine, Martial or Primal.

Note: In time each Class will be described in a bit more detail

Arcane Classes

Drawing on magical energy that permeates the cosmos, the arcane power source can be used for a wide variety of effects, from fireballs to flight to invisibility. Each class is the representative of a different tradition of arcane study or skill. Arcane powers are called spells.
The Arcane Classes are:

  • Bard - Magicians who tap into the ancient power of songs and symbolism to hurt, inspire and encourage.
  • Sorcerer - Spellcasters whose magic comes naturally to them, possessors of innate magical powers.  
  • Warlock - An individual who has struck a bargain, deal or pact with something greater than themselves in exchange for power.
  • Wizard - The typical mage, wizards achieve their mastery of the arcane through research and experimentation.

Divine Classes

Divine magic comes from the gods. The gods grant power to their devotees, who access this power through prayers, channeling and litanies. Divine magic excels at healing, protection, and smiting the enemies of the gods. Divine powers are called prayers.
The Divine Classes are:

  • Avenger - they serve as holy assassins and trackers and do whatever they must. They are the lightly armoured, morally suspect cousins of paladins.
  • Cleric - these individuals are blessed by the gods and granted magic by them. Capable of fighting from afar or wading into melee.
  • Invoker - divinely-chosen to use holy words to smite their foes and heal their allies.
  • Paladin - they are warriors who have been chosen by the divine, or trained in a temple to be crusaders, defenders and heavily armoured templars.

Martial Classes

Martial powers are not magic in the traditional sense, although some martial powers stand well beyond the capabilities of ordinary mortals. Martial characters use their own strength and willpower to vanquish their enemies. Training and dedication replace arcane formulas and prayers to grant fighters, rangers, rogues, and warlords, among others, their power. Martial powers are called exploits.
The Martial Classes are:

  • Fighter - the consummate master of the melee: knights, mercenaries and soldiers.
  • Ranger -  masters of the wilds, adept with bows or blades or their animal companions.
  • Rogue - thieves, assassins, scoundrels, spies and swashbucklers. Lightly armoured, but lightning quick.
  • Warlord - battlefield leaders, these warriors inspire and encourage their allies to new feats of strength, skill and endurance.

Primal Classes

Primal powers channel the primordial spirits of nature (weather, animals and the land itself) to achieve great feats. Some primal powers are more overtly magical than others, but they all draw on the spirits of nature that pervade the world, and, to some extent, the echo plane known as the Feywild. Primal powers are called evocations.
The Primal Classes are:

  • Barbarian - fierce fighters who call upon primal spirits of nature, ancestors and the wild to unleash a mighty rage.
  • Druid - magic users who gain their spells from nature and primal spirits, druids also have the ability to transform into mighty beasts.
  • Shaman - also known as witchdoctors and wild-wizards, they commune with the spirits to perform magic and to summon guardians.
  • Warden - warriors who fight to defend nature, wardens can call upon the forces of the wild and the elements to affect their foes and to transform.