Barbarians are savage warriors who deal out powerful blows from their mighty weapons. They charge from foe to foe and seldom feel the pain of an enemy’s strike. For barbarians’ foes, the moments of great- est terror come when barbarians call upon primal forces to lend power to their raging spirits. These rages, although temporary, give a barbarian incred-
ible powers, a combination of skill, willpower, and a legacy of ancient tribal rituals.

As a barbarian, you have a link to powerful nature spirits and other primal forces bound to the warriors of your tribe by the songs and totems of your legacy. These spirits lend energy to your rages, transforming you into a devastating force on the battlefield. As you become more experienced, these rages transcend mortal limitations, manifesting directly as waves of elemental power or gifting you with supernatural recuperative powers.

When the heat of battle is upon you, will you respond with a sudden charge that fells with one mighty swing of your weapon, or with a prolonged rage that leaves destroyed foes in your wake?


Characteristics: You combine powerful melee attacks with an excellent ability to absorb damage. You gain tremendous bursts of power through mighty rages. You have unusually high hit points for your role, making you more durable than other strikers.
Religion:  Most barbarians revere the primal spirits of the natural world rather than calling on the gods of the Astral Sea. Some barbarians don’t see conflict between the gods and the primal spirits and therefore honor deities of nature or warfare in addition to the primal spirits. These barbarians often revere Kord, Melora, Avandra, or the Raven Queen. Evil or chaotic evil barbarians turn to Gruumsh or, more rarely, Bane or Zehir.
Races: Dragonborn make excellent thaneborn barbarians. Dwarf barbarians tend to be rageblood barbarians, while Halfling and Half-Elf barbarians choose the thaneborn path.


You can build your barbarian however you choose, but there are 2 archetypal barbarian styles:

  • Rageblood Barbarians –  powerful warriors, better at absorbing damage than avoiding it.
  • Thaneborn Barbarians – swift warriors more able to avoid the enemy.