Rangers are watchful warriors who roam past the horizon to safeguard a region, a principle, or a way of life. Masters of bow and blade, rangers excel at hit-and run assaults and can quickly and silently eliminate foes.

Rangers lay superb ambushes and excel at avoiding danger. As a ranger, you possess almost supernaturally keen senses and a deep appreciation for untamed wilderness.

With your knowledge of the natural world, you are able to track enemies through nearly any landscape, using the smallest clue to set your course, even sometimes the calls and songs of beasts and birds. Your severe demeanor promises a deadly conclusion to any enemy you hunt.

When you catch sight of your quarry, will the transgressor perish by swift bow shots from a distance, or by the twofold blades that glint and glitter in each of your battle-scarred hands?


Characteristics: You combine fast, hard-hitting melee attack power with excellent ranged attack ability, and shift easily from melee to ranged combat. You are moderately resilient in battle, but you prefer hit-and-run attacks or ambushes to prolonged slugging matches. Hit hard, get out; that’s the ranger’s way.
Religion: FRangers favor deities of nature and of the hunt. They often revere Kord, Melora, or the Raven Queen. Evil or chaotic evil rangers usually worship Gruumsh or Zehir.
Races: Elves are ideal archer rangers. Humans, Halflings, Dragonborn, and Eladrin are all sometimes drawn to the wandering life of a two-blade ranger.


You can build your ranger however you choose, but there are 3 archetypal combat styles:

  • A focus on ranged attacks
  • A focus on hit-and-run attacks whilst wielding two melee weapons.
  • Beastmasters lose some of the personal strength of other rangers, but gain a faithful animal companion.